Is your irrigation system water-smart? Save water and money with a Valley Water Rebate!

As much as 50 percent of the water we use outdoors is wasted due to inefficient irrigation methods and systems. Since about half of the water used in a typical Santa Clara County home comes from watering outdoors, you can save water and put money back in your pocket by optimizing your irrigation.

Creating an accurate irrigation schedule can be difficult. Still, Valley Water has established a powerful irrigation scheduling tool to help take the guesswork out of how much your landscape should be irrigated. This free tool, available to residential and commercial landscapes throughout California, will assist you in creating accurate, water-conserving irrigation schedules for either your conventional or smart controller.  

The Valley Water Irrigation Scheduler uses historical weather data based on your site location and landscape-specific inputs, such as plant type, irrigation equipment, and sun exposure, to calculate a custom irrigation schedule for your California landscape.  The Irrigation Scheduler can also accommodate drought watering restrictions, such as days per week watering limitations. 

Get started to create your custom irrigation schedule at or take advantage of our free residential Water Wise Outdoor Survey to have a trained irrigation professional do a full irrigation system evaluation.

San Jose Water Company customers should request a CATCH appointment by calling (408) 279-7900 or emailing

Valley Water’s Landscape Rebate Program offers up to $3,000 in irrigation equipment upgrades for efficient landscape irrigation, including:

Smart irrigation controller upgrade and rain sensors to help irrigate only when your landscape needs it.

  • Flow sensors and hydrometers to help detect leaks.
  • High-efficiency spray bodies and nozzles to apply less water and reduce run-off while irrigating.

In-line drip irrigation conversion to use less water and irrigate only where you need it.

Rebates may be higher in some areas of the county.

Ready to save water and money with a Valley Water rebate? Visit to learn more.


  1. I get so frustrated with articles and initiatives like this. It makes very little difference how smart the software or controller is, much of the water wasted is do to overlapping head to head coverage in fact 195% excess water in the middle and overspray onto sidewalks, drives, road. Overspray does not only waist water it adds to pollution runoff of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides. “Print” irrigation has NO overspray thus NO runoff. In general terms; you have smart controllers or software running dumb heads. “Print’ irrigation utilizes software at both the controller and the heads. I noted this software shows how much ‘time’ to water. Again with dumb mechanical heads it’s a wild guess as to how much water is being applied when you measure time to water. “Print” irrigation is the only irrigation solution that calculates the precious gallons of water needed (the ETo rate) then preciously delivers that amount water, not time. Print irrigation would save CA tens of BILLIONS of gallons of water a year. Regulations need to be written to in time eliminated most traditional dumb head irrigation systems. The solution and future is here now. Let’s start using it and SAVE WATER!


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