Wildfires and Power Outages: Valley Water is Prepared

The wildfires we are experiencing in our region continue to pose a challenge for many in our community, and we encourage everyone to stay safe, informed and prepared. To our fellow residents who may have had to evacuate already due to these fires, our thoughts and hearts are with you.

Valley Water is prepared for emergencies. Our water supply not only remains safe but contributes to the safety of our community, given the beneficial use of our reservoirs and ponds in fighting local wildfires. CAL FIRE can pull water directly from our reservoirs to aid their efforts to keep us safe. It is reassuring to know that even after the federally mandated draw down of Anderson Reservoir this coming winter, in advance of the dam retrofit project, there will still be enough water remaining in the reservoir to assist CAL FIRE in future fire suppression efforts.

In addition to the lightning-caused fires, we know that extreme weather such as the recent prolonged heatwave can lead to power outages. Our Emergency and Operations crews have been working for months to ensure our drinking water treatment plants and delivery systems have the necessary back-up generators and fuel supply to keep the water flowing if the power does go out. You can count on Valley Water to continue to deliver a reliable supply of safe, clean drinking water around the clock.

Our crews are vigilant, monitoring local conditions and remain ready to respond at a moment’s notice. We want to encourage our community to also take the necessary steps to stay informed about the potential danger from the wildfires, and to prepare your family and home in case there is an extended power outage.

Below are some helpful links and resources.

Santa Clara County Emergency Management updates: https://bit.ly/31kogUz

Cal Fire map of the SCU Lightning Complex evacuation zones: https://bit.ly/3j5qZqV

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff information: https://bit.ly/2Qcvxzo

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