Flood Watch Tool helps residents monitor streams

As the flood protection agency for the county, the Santa Clara Valley Water District is committed to keeping residents and businesses safe through its flood protection programs. During storms, our crews actively monitor hot spot locations countywide. Parts of our county are historically prone to flooding and at risk during heavy storms. The water district wants residents to be aware and prepared for winter storms.

One of the first steps toward being flood-ready is being aware of existing flood risks. To help residents in Santa Clara County assess their flood risks, the water district launched the Flood Watch Tool. This map-based tool features real-time data from sensors on streams and reservoirs throughout the county and features information on flood risks per stage.

View a brief video below with water district hydrologist Jack Xu, on how to use the Flood Watch tool.

For more information on flood safety visit www.valleywater.org/floodready.

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