District purified water experts present to California State University educators

Last month staff from the Santa Clara Valley Water District spoke to dozens of professors from the California State University system about the benefits of purified recycled water, highlighting the advanced technology used to disinfect and clean wastewater so it can be safely used again.

On April 6, San José State University hosted the 9th Water Resource and Policy Initiatives (WRPI) annual conference.

Hossein Ashktorab, a recycled water manager with the water district, served on a water management panel and gave a presentation on a sustainable, reliable future water supply, touting the treatment processes and water quality of purified water as well as discussing public perception.

To see the technology in action, the conference attendees toured Silicon Valley’s Advanced Water Purification Center the following day. Twenty people attended the tour, delving into questions ranging from the availability of recycled water in NASA’s space program to the salt content or total dissolved solids in the water at different times of the year.

The WRPI’s vision is to be a resource for education, research and policy development and to help state agencies, regulators, and lawmakers to achieve a long-term sustainable water supply for California based on good science.  This group is designed to target the capabilities and resources within the 23 California State University campuses to provide excellent academic preparation, applied research and partnership with stakeholders, addressing all aspects of water reuse. Some of the group’s key goals include promoting career awareness through high-impact practices in education, training, and professional capacity.

To learn more or to take a free tour of the purification center, visit our website at www.purewatersv.org.

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