Psst. . . the coast is not clear.

The one-month countdown begins for the 33rd Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day! Since 1983 volunteers have been helping keep our Santa Clara County waterways clean, healthy and beautiful.

Every year, large amounts of litter reach our coastal shores, with the majority of this trash coming from inland. Trash flows through our local waterways, storm drains and sewers, making its way to the ocean and ending on California’s beautiful shoreline and harming marine life and the environment.

Last year, over 1,800 hard-working volunteers picked up almost 50,000 pounds along 73 miles of local creeks. Join the ranks and save your spot at one of the 40 plus sites throughout the county. Whether it’s near your work, home, or childhood neighborhood, there are plenty to choose from. Get a group of friends together and don’t miss out on the “feel-good fun!”

Volunteer registration opens today, Wednesday, Aug. 17. To check creek listings and register, visit

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