Investing in the future of water

Since 1929, Valley Water has been dedicated to providing Santa Clara County with safe, clean water, flood protection and stewardship of streams. While our county’s landscape may look different than it did nearly 100 years ago, our mission remains the same. We continue to invest in infrastructure, develop new programs and expand existing ones to ensure this mission is achieved year after year.

On May 16, the Valley Water Board of Directors adopted new water rates for the fiscal year 2023/2024 after listening to public comments and staff recommendations through the rate-setting process. A vast majority of the county will see a rate increase of 14.5% ($8.61 a month for an average household). This increase helps ensure we continue to achieve our mission for the residents and businesses in Santa Clara County.

Most Santa Clara County residents do not pay their water bill directly to Valley Water. Find your local retailer to learn more about your property’s water rates and billing information.

Treating and delivering safe, clean water is our top priority. Through investments in infrastructure, like the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant Reliability Project, we’re increasing the amount of water treated and delivered to the region.

Once upgrades are complete, the Rinconada Water Treatment will be capable of treating 100 million gallons of water daily.

The Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit Project will continue through the next 10 years, which means our largest reservoir is not available while it’s under construction. When the next drought arrives, we’ll need to be ready to purchase more water from outside the county to meet the needs of residents, businesses and farms. Water rates help pay for these investments.

Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit Project will help our regional water supply, public safety and provide environmental benefits.

The wet winter we experienced in Santa Clara County and the record-setting snowpack in the Sierra Nevada brought us out of a three-year severe drought. New weather extremes will become more common as we continue to see the effects of a changing climate. The next severe drought may be right around the corner. Investing in projects like the Purified Water Project is critical to diversifying our water supply.

 When completed, this project will build a facility capable of providing at least 10 million gallons per day of high-quality, drought-resilient water. 

More than 50% of water used at home happens outdoors. Valley Water invests in conservation programs and rebates to help homeowners convert water-thirsty lawns to climate-appropriate landscapes. Not only will these efforts save water, but they can also help reduce your water bill since climate-appropriate landscapes use less-water intensive plants.

While the Governor of California ended some drought restrictions, the commercial, industrial and institutional ban on outdoor watering remains. This is a great time for businesses in the county to apply for a rebate through Valley Water’s Landscape Rebate Program for businesses. You can receive up to $100,000 to aid your transformation. 

Valley Water offers up to $3,000 for residents and $100,000 for businesses to transform lawns to climate-appropriate landscapes.

Valley Water also encourages residents and businesses to use water more effectively indoors. Finding and fixing leaks inside the home and practicing water-saving best practices like taking shorter showers can make a difference.

The rate increase ensures Santa Clara County continues to make a difference in the community with new and improved projects and programs. The increases are equitable, with large users paying the biggest share while those who don’t use much water see minimal cost increases.

The new rates will be in effect at the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1. You can learn more about the rates in your neighborhood at

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