Businesses Have Evolved

About half of the water in our county is used by multi-family properties and commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations. Much of this water could be saved if businesses replaced lawns with beautiful low-water-use plants, upgraded their irrigation systems or adopted water-efficient technologies.

Valley Water offers rebates and programs to help you save water and money while demonstrating that your business is a water conservation leader. If you are ready to make a difference in your community, we are here to help.

Fixture Replacement Program

This new direct installation program helps your business or facility retrofit plumbing fixtures free of charge.

Water Efficient Technology Rebate Program

Receive up to $100,000 for installing equipment that results in measurable water savings. Projects can include cooling tower efficiency upgrades, on-site water reuse, process water efficiency improvements and more.

Cooling Tower Makeup Water Softener System

Water Savings: 1,629,066 gallons per year (2,178 hundred cubic feet).

Water Efficient Technology Rebate: In addition to water and sewer cost savings, this business received a nearly $9,000 rebate. How much will you earn to upgrade your equipment?

Landscape Rebate Program

The State of California bans the watering of decorative lawns by commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations. Our rebates can help you create a beautiful, modern, water-efficient landscape. We offer up to $100,000 for replacing high-water-use landscapes, upgrading inefficient irrigation equipment and installing equipment that captures rainwater.

Rebates may be higher in some areas. Cities of Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara and areas served by San Jose Municipal Water – up to $110,000 City of Palo Alto – up to $135,000. For exclusions, please visit retailer websites for details.

Free water-saving equipment and materials

Valley Water has free equipment and materials to help you save water. Choose from high- efficiency faucet aerators, restaurant table tents that read “drinking water by request,” hotel “towel reuse” cards, and pre-rinse sprayers to save water while doing dishes.

Submeter Rebate Program

Receive a $150 rebate for each submeter installed at multi- family complexes, such as mobile home parks or apartment and condominium complexes.

Climate change has made extreme weather the new normal, with longer and more frequent droughts.

Make sure your business is ready by taking steps today to conserve water and keep our economy thriving into the future! Visit to learn more.

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