Save water outdoors by watering more efficiently

Water conservation is a way of life in Santa Clara County. The average Santa Clara County home with a 1,000 square foot lawn can save 350 gallons a week by limiting outdoor watering to twice a week and avoiding midday watering. That’s a great way to save about half the water on your bill.

About half the water in a typical home is used outdoors, and nearly 50% of outdoor water is wasted because of inefficient or broken irrigation systems. We are here to help you reduce outdoor water waste with a FREE in-person visit to check your irrigation system. Our trained professionals come to your home and identify problems with your sprinklers, such as over-spraying and over-watering while also making irrigation scheduling recommendations. They can help you identify equipment upgrades for up to $3,000 in irrigation equipment rebates so you can water more efficiently. Book your survey here.

Valley Water’s irrigation experts ready to survey!

Are you ready to say goodbye to your water-thirsty lawn and hello to beautiful low-water-use plants? Take advantage of our landscape conversion rebate, which is offering $2 per square foot.

A landscape transformation project does not have to be expensive and can be a great do-it-yourself gardening activity. To get started, imagine what your dream yard would look like. Watch our webinar on garden design to learn how to observe your space, choose plants and develop a plan of action. Next, get inspired by browsing our beautiful native plant landscapes in our design guides and templates. We can also help you find nurseries and landscape professionals in your area.

As you walk around your neighborhood, you will notice that yards have evolved, with less grass and more California friendly plants. Your neighbors are transforming their yards, and you can do it too!

Visit to learn more. 


  1. I am a senior citizen customer of Valley Water and would like to know about water saving Plants and some more ideas about water savings.
    Thanks, and please send me the rebate programs information.


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