New Fish Habitats Constructed Along Gilroy’s Uvas Creek

Valley Water is committed to environmental stewardship and is constantly working to restore habitat along creeks and the bay.

In mid-August 2022, Valley Water completed work on the Uvas Creek Fish Habitat Improvement Project in Gilroy. Construction finished more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

“This project will help restore and maintain healthy fish populations by improving habitat for steelhead and other native fish while ensuring the fish can move easily up and down the creek,” said Valley Water Chair Pro Tem John L. Varela.

Each year, native fish migrate their way through Uvas Creek seeking loose sediment for spawning and sheltered pools to hide from predators.

Using engineered log structures and adding gravel, Valley Water crews improved three locations along the creek to provide new feeding, spawning and shelter locations. The project increases the complexity of the creek creating more diverse habitats for native species of all kinds without increasing flood risk.

Project sign at Uvas Creek outlines the benefits of the habitat improvement efforts.

Funded by the Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection program, the project is part of Valley Water’s Stream Maintenance Program.

These projects include bank protection, sediment removal, vegetation management and invasive plant removal. You can learn more about the program, view project updates and download a copy of the brochure by visiting

A video highlighting the project can be seen below.

Construction on the Uvas Creek Fish Habitat Improvement Project concluded in August, 2022.

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