Santa Clara County inches closer to 15% water use reduction goal

Santa Clara County residents and businesses reduced their water use in June by 9% compared to 2019. While this was the county’s best water savings month so far this year, we have not reached our target of 15% savings. 

As our region and state endure the third year of drought, it’s critical we continue to reduce water use.

On June 9, 2021, the Valley Water Board of Directors called for a water use reduction of 15% compared to 2019. Since then, Santa Clara County has experienced a collective savings of 3% which includes residential and commercial sectors.

Valley Water urges residents and business owners to continue saving water by following water restrictions and taking actions large and small that can increase water savings. 

Valley Water offers rebates for converting high water-use landscapes to low water-use landscapes. In the last fiscal year, Valley Water helped residents and businesses convert more than 1.3 million square feet of lawn through 1,432 rebates.

Our rebates also help residents and businesses replace existing irrigation equipment with approved high-efficiency irrigation equipment.  

We also offer free water-saving devices to help save water indoors.

Valley Water continues to enforce its outdoor restrictions against midday watering, runoff, watering more than two days a week and watering after rainfall. We are focusing on educating residents and businesses who violate these restrictions. In June, Valley Water responded to 516 reports of water waste and 217 reports in July.

Early forecasts indicate the potential for another dry winter. Even if our region and state receive average rainfall and snowpack totals this winter, it’s likely we will remain in a drought. It is important that everyone says yes to saving water. We owe it to our communities not to waste water.


  1. How hypocritical of you!
    We could easily reduce this and more if Golf course were made to stop watering their fairways! Yesterday I rode by Coyote Golf Course around mid-day and they had them on full force watering fairways for a long while as I watched them and others did as well while walking and biking on the Coyote Bike trail. This is absurd to ask others to reduce in name of Golf!!!
    Come on ! ! How hypocritical


    1. Valley Water is asking all businesses, including golf courses, to cut their use by 15% relative to 2019.
      To help us achieve this goal, Valley Water is requiring all residents and businesses to adhere to the watering restrictions set by the Board of Directors in April 2022. This includes watering lawns no more than two days a week and not watering between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
      The current restriction does not apply to sports fields and grass areas that are regularly used for recreational, civic, school and community events, including golf courses. However, the Valley Water Board of Directors in September will consider an amendment to our Drought Outdoor Conservation and Enforcement Measures Ordinance which will include banning irrigation of non-play areas on golf courses in the watering restrictions. Even though golf courses use less than 3% of our water supply, we need everyone to take part in meeting our 15% savings goal. To further encourage water conservation on large properties like golf courses, this summer we created a new rebate in our Landscape Rebate Program to encourage golf courses to further reduce their turf areas and to replace them with climate-appropriate California native grasses. Find out more about our rebates and free services you can benefit from by visiting


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