Valley Water hosts a paint day to kick off the Pilot Mural Art Project

One of Valley Water’s priorities under the voter-approved Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program is to support public health and safety for our community. This includes creating safe, clean spaces for Santa Clara County residents to enjoy. Through the Public Art Program, Valley Water aims to repurpose and beautify Valley Water property and help deter graffiti and trash that line our creeks.

The Mural Art Pilot Project, under the Public Art Program, is a first-of-its-kind project for Valley Water. A blank wall on the side of the Blossom Hill Annex building at Valley Water’s headquarters in San Jose will turn into a colorful mural for the community to enjoy. This location is perfect for Valley Water’s first mural as it sits next to a busy street, a creek, a trail and a bus stop, which is also an existing graffiti hot spot.

Valley Water is collaborating with local artist Paul J. Gonzalez on the mural to demonstrate the core pillars supporting our mission to provide Santa Clara County with safe, clean water, flood protection and environmental stewardship.

Valley Water’s Youth Commissioners worked with Paul to create a design that captures the environmental and cultural diversity among Valley Water professionals, residents, and species in Santa Clara County. The Board-approved design highlights Valley Water’s technology and innovation using modernized purple recycled water pipelines. The mural also depicts the different water sources and water-efficient actions required to protect our water resources and sustain life in our county.

On Saturday, July 23, Valley Water hosted a paint day to get the project started. Volunteers from our Board of Directors, Youth Commission and Water Ambassadors came out to give Paul J. Gonzalez a hand with the first stage of painting. Please check out the images below to see the project start to come to life!

For more information on the Mural Project, visit

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