Valley Water receives funding for the Cross Valley Pipeline Extension Project

While we rebuild Anderson Dam, Valley Water is working to ensure Coyote Creek and the Coyote Percolation Pond in South San José have sufficient water to recharge groundwater and support the surrounding habitat and wildlife who depend on it. 

To achieve this, Valley Water is undertaking the Cross Valley Pipeline Extension Project, which will extend an existing pipeline by about 1.25 miles so that we can feed water into Coyote Creek near the Coyote Creek Golf Club. Currently, that water can only be released into Coyote Creek about one-quarter mile below Anderson Dam.

Once completed, Valley Water will be able to provide up to 22,000 gallons of water a minute directly into Coyote Creek. The water will flow downstream and percolate within Coyote Creek and the Coyote Percolation Pond just north of Metcalf Road, replenishing the groundwater aquifer in Coyote Valley and South San José. In addition to the water supply benefit, the flow of water will provide benefits to wildlife and habitat along Coyote Creek.

On June 22, 2022, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) awarded Valley Water $5.8 million to help fund this vital infrastructure project.

“I would like to thank the California Department of Water Resources for making critical investments in our state’s water infrastructure,” Valley Water Chair Pro Tem John L. Varela said. “The southern portions of San Jose and Santa Clara County primarily rely on groundwater for their water supply. This critical project will help us maintain our groundwater levels and continue ensuring residents and businesses have a reliable water supply.”

As the severe drought persists in Santa Clara County, Valley Water will continue investing in our infrastructure. We are facing a future with longer and more prolonged droughts. Pursuing state and federal funding is the key to completing projects that address the drought emergency and support future water supply reliability.

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  1. Will the supplemental water release help sustain the creek’s wildlife corridor between Anderson Dam and the golf course? There are some very valuable old Sycamores and cottonwoods along that stretch of the creek that should be prioritized.


    1. The Cross Valley Pipeline Extension does not add additional water into the system, but it does allow for more targeted releases to sustain the creek and groundwater-dependent ecosystems, like the riparian corridor along Coyote Creek, during the Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit project. In total, the amount of imported water released into Coyote Creek will depend on the availability of imported water, the time of year and groundwater conditions.


  2. will water still run down Fisher Creek past the intersection of San Bruno and Hale were it looks like big hydraulic water pumps or going in to divert water coyote creek?


  3. Hi no one has replied to this comment will water still run past san Bruno and hale ave along fisher creek or will it all get diverted to coyote creek ?


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