We are in a severe drought and Valley Water can help offer ways to save water and money with its rebate programs

By Linda LeZotte, Valley Water Director, District 4.

With the warmer months here, outdoor watering will increase, straining already stressed water supplies in the face of severe drought, which is in its third consecutive year. But it’s not too late to reduce water usage—Saving water by reducing our outdoor irrigation can make a big impact, especially since up to half of the water usage in a typical Santa Clara County home is done outdoors.

The Valley Water Board of Directors voted in April to restrict watering of local lawns and ornamental landscapes to no more than two days a week and prohibit watering during midday hours. For example, watering after 7 p.m. or before 7 a.m. minimizes evaporation, especially during hot afternoons in the summer and fall.

Please consider taking permanent steps to make sure your yard is drought-proof by removing your water-thirsty lawn and replacing it with beautiful water-efficient California native plants. Valley Water is offering a rebate of up to $3,000 to help you upgrade your yard and install efficient irrigation equipment. Visit watersavings.org to learn about our many outdoor and indoor water conservation programs, including free water-efficient tools for your home along with rebates for irrigation equipment, graywater systems and yards.

Valley Water also offers free in-person outdoor water conservation surveys to help ensure you are watering as efficiently as possible. Water conservation specialists are available to visit your home to confirm your irrigation timer is set correctly and your sprinklers are not over-spraying or over-watering your lawn. You can schedule that free visit online at https://bit.ly/3xUOgqn

We are facing a future with longer and more frequent droughts. Taking steps to make sure your home is drought-proof will help you during this drought and prepare for future ones while doing your part to make water conservation a way of life in Santa Clara County.

Again, check out watersavings.org today to learn about our outdoor and indoor water conservation programs, free tools, and rebates and help reduce water usage to help ensure we have enough water now and in the future.

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  1. I applied for a grant my business stopped during Covid. Can I get exempt from property taxes?

    I got in an accident and on social security

    I would like to save water

    I applied a few month’s ago


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