Valley Water to begin construction on South County Recycled Water Pipeline

Santa Clara County is once again in a severe drought. This follows the historic drought from 2012 to 2016. The impacts of climate change have had a direct effect on water supplies locally and statewide. It is why conservation has truly become a California way of life.

Facing this reality, Valley Water continues to look for ways to increase the use of recycled water throughout Santa Clara County. We’re excited to soon begin construction on the South County Recycled Water Pipeline.

“This project is another way for us to save drinking water,” Valley Water Chair Pro Tem John L. Varela said. “By expanding the current recycled water pipeline we’ll be able to provide a dependable, drought-proof, and locally controlled water supply for the cities of South County, its residents, businesses and farms for generations to come.”

Working in partnership with the City of Gilroy, roughly 3.5 miles of pipeline will be added. This will enhance the current connection to the South County Recycled Water Authority wastewater treatment plant facility, allowing more farms and businesses to have access to this crucial water supply. The pipeline will reduce the dependency on groundwater to feed the distribution systems for Gilroy, Morgan Hill and San Martin. Recycled water provided to users in Santa Clara County meets or exceeds standards set by state and federal agencies for the various uses of recycled water.

Valley Water remains proactive in seeking state and federal money to help reduce the cost of projects to residents. We were successful in receiving a $5.7 million grant from the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

This severe drought won’t be the last one. Investing in water infrastructure and technology is needed to make sure we can always provide safe, clean water here in Santa Clara County. To learn more about Valley Water’s recycled and purified water projects, visit


    1. This will depend on the type of landscape and irrigation technology used. Your water retailer may offer specified run times. Valley Water is offering a free webinar on programming smart controllers in May. Check our website or social media platforms for more information.

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