One of the driest Januarys on record is a reminder to all of us to continue to conserve water

After a very wet start to the winter season, we just endured one of the driest Januarys on record. The warm, dry weather may be quite enjoyable during the wintry months but can lead to serious water supply concerns.

Santa Clara County saw virtually no rain in January, a month that typically averages close to 3 inches of rain. Statewide, the snowpack dipped below normal for this time of the year even after the record snowfall in December. If these dry conditions continue, that snow level represents only about half of what we normally would see in an average year.

The county is currently classified as being in a severe drought, and these conditions will likely worsen if we continue to see little or no rain in the coming months. That’s why we need everyone in Santa Clara County to continue to reduce their water use.

The easiest way to conserve water during the winter is to keep your irrigation system off, except for watering your trees. About half of the water used in a typical house occurs outdoors, so if you need to water your lawn, please make sure you are aware of your retailer’s water conservation rules.

Also, consider getting ready for longer and more frequent droughts by replacing your lawn with a beautiful drought-resilient landscape. California native plants are colorful, beautiful and make eye-catching designs that save water. Valley Water offers a rebate of up to $3,000 to help you upgrade your yard.

It is also essential we reduce our indoor water use. Fixing leaks and making sure your appliances are water-efficient is a great start. To learn how to detect leaks at home, check out our multilingual videos at

You can also request a free indoor water survey and water conservation tools from our shopping cart. And, for a limited time, we are offering collapsible water buckets. These buckets will allow you to collect water from your shower as it warms up and use it to flush your toilet or water your plants.

Water conservation is a California way of life! Let’s work together to continue to save water and ensure we will have enough for the future, rain or shine.

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