Valley Water, City of San José partner to support recreation along Coyote Creek

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have enjoyed the many creekside trails all around Santa Clara County.

Valley Water is committed to providing the community with an enhanced quality of life through our watershed and stream stewardship efforts. Our environmental work protects and restores habitat for fish and wildlife. Valley Water also partners with local governments to provide open space and recreational opportunities at many of its reservoirs and along creeks in the county.

In December 2021, the Valley Water Board of Directors voted to partner with the City of San José to provide funding for a law enforcement presence on a newly opened recreational trail along Coyote Creek. The San Jose Police Department Trail Patrol, a pilot program, will enhance the safety of runners, walkers, cyclists, and nature lovers who enjoy these trails.

The City of San José’s Conservation Corps will also monitor the recently completed 1.65-mile stretch of recreational trail on city property along Coyote Creek between William Street and Tully Road.

“I applaud the City of San José for their initiative to expand access to nature and enrich the experience for trail users,” said Valley Water Director Tony Estremera, who represents district six, where the new trail is located. “Valley Water is proud to support recreational opportunities and equitable access to open spaces that help strengthen healthier communities and healthier ecosystems.”

San José Councilmember Maya Esparza represents the area where the new trail is located. The trail, which had a grand opening on Nov. 7, 2021, provides views of the waterway and urban and rural settings.

“Valley Water is an essential partner for our waterways, and I am excited to launch the only pilot Trail Patrol in the city along the Coyote Creek Trail, furthering this partnership,” Councilmember Maya Esparza said. “The Trail Patrol, along with the Trail Safety Plan for the Coyote Creek Trail, will ensure the trail is well-maintained and actively used so residents feel safe on this newly built segment of the Coyote Creek Trail.” 

This partnership highlights the proactive measures needed to protect against pollution and damage to Coyote Creek and other local waterways.  By taking these steps we can enhance the quality of life in Santa Clara County.

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  1. Is this a joke? Its a giant, polluted homeless camp. Go see it for yourself, the creek bed is full of trash and God only knows what else.


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