Flooding can happen during a drought. Make sure you are ready.

By Director Linda LeZotte, Representative for District 4

As we welcome a wet start to the winter season, it’s important to remember that flooding can happen anytime it rains. While our community continues to cope with the impact of the extreme drought conditions in Santa Clara County, we must also be ready for minor floods.

Historically, floods have followed droughts. The 2017 Coyote Creek flood followed a five-year drought with heavy rainfall, unleashing Santa Clara County’s worst torrent since 1997. Valley Water’s work on projects that reduce the risk of flooding is ongoing.

We invite you to take steps to prepare for the risk of flooding in your home or business. Visit valleywater.org/floodready to see if you are located within a flood-prone area as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. If you are in the flood zone please review our emergency preparedness guide, download apps that will alert you of any imminent flooding, and investigate flood insurance. Please watch our stream gauges during upcoming rains if you live near a creek by visiting the above-mentioned website. Obstacles in creek beds can increase the risk of flooding, so we encourage all residents to report any blockages to us via our Valley Water Access System, also located at valleywater.org.

Remember, climate change has made extreme weather the new normal, and we all must be ready for more extended droughts and heavier floods. Don’t get caught off-guard; be flood-safe even during dry years!

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  1. Having lived in Hollister for 5 years and my grandfather having been born Willow Creek, I am always interested in what is happening in that shaky land.

    I was present when President Kennedy dedicated the San Luis Dam which receives its water from far away places.

    As we know, rainfall is minimal in that area which would feed the proposed reservoir. What the vicinity does not have in water, it has in earthquakes which again makes the project seem fool-hardy.


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