Valley Water extends comment period for Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project Draft Environmental Impact Report

Despite a very wet December, Santa Clara County and much of California remain in a drought emergency. January rainfall was minimal. We don’t know when this drought will end, or when the next one will arrive.

That’s why Valley Water is exploring options to increase the amount of water it can store in local reservoirs.

One of these projects, the proposed expansion of Pacheco Reservoir in south Santa Clara County, would double the amount of water we can store in local reservoirs. Valley Water would rely on this local supply during future droughts and emergencies.

On Nov. 17, 2021, Valley Water released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project for public review.  Members of the public and other stakeholders have until Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022, at 5 p.m. to provide written comments. Initially, Valley Water scheduled the comment period to end in mid-January, but the deadline was extended to give stakeholders more time to review the document and provide written comments.

You can email comments to or submit by mail to:

Todd Sexauer, Senior Environmental Planner
Santa Clara Valley Water District
5750 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, CA 95118

You can review the Draft EIR by clicking here.

The proposed expansion of Pacheco Reservoir in southern Santa Clara County is a partnership with the Pacheco Pass Water District and the San Benito County Water District. It would increase the reservoir’s capacity from 5,500 acre-feet to up to 140,000 acre-feet, enough water to supply up to 1.4 million residents for one year during an emergency.

The proposed project would also provide environmental benefits to the federally threatened South-Central California Coast Steelhead trout through habitat enhancement in and along Pacheco Creek.

Valley Water hosted a virtual public meeting on Jan. 13, 2022, where a detailed Draft EIR presentation was provided, along with a questions and answers session. To watch the meeting recording or learn more about the proposed project, please visit

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