screenshot of the Balancing Act tool

Provide budget feedback to the Board of Directors

Valley Water launched Balancing Act. The online budget simulation tool is a way for anyone to learn about Valley Water revenue and spending, and then provide input directly to the Board of Directors on where they think spending should be prioritized.

Public input is vital to ensure Valley Water’s annual budget is designed to meet the needs of the community. You’re encouraged to try the Balancing Act tool and share your feedback.

On the Balancing Act webpage, there are three areas of information: Revenue, Spending and Where the Money Goes.

The Revenue section shows the various ways money is provided to Valley Water. Spending shows the many ways that money is allocated. The Where the Money Goes pie chart gives a quick view of how spending in one area relates to the others.

screen shot of Balancing Act tool.

The tool allows users to adjust how much might be spent in each category. The key is to maintain a balanced budget. If spending is increased in one area, it must be decreased in another.

There is a comment button on each item that can be used to provide input on specific items.

When the budget is balanced, users can submit their version, along with their comments, directly to Valley Water for consideration in the annual budgeting process.

Learn more at

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