Make insects your garden partners

Would you like to turn your garden into a dynamic ecosystem, full of amazing insects?

We often see bugs as a pest, but insects are essential for many reasons. One of them is that they help pollinate our food crops. Beneficial insects also help keep the “bad bugs” in check by preying on pests, reducing the need to use harmful pesticides in the garden. If insects aren’t your thing, remember that bugs are a critical part of the diets of our local birds.

Unfortunately, insect populations are declining around the world, but you can help by attracting beneficial insects to your garden. If you go a step further and replace your lawn with a water-efficient, pollinator-friendly garden – you can even get a rebate!

To learn more about supporting insects in your garden, visit and check out a wealth of resources including free pollinator-friendly garden designs, an urban ecological planning guide for Santa Clara Valley, native plant finder guides, and more. You can also find information on controlling pest and plant disease using less or non-toxic methods and learn how to create a Monarch butterfly habitat using pollinator plants native to your area.

Remember, insects can be your partners in creating a healthy garden!

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