Yards Have Evolved

Valley Water has recently launched it’s summer Water Conservation Campaign with the goal of showing Santa Clara County residents how to evolve yards so we can all conserve water.summerconservationcampaignblogpostAn evolved yard means growing plants that use less water or are native to California. Creating a water-efficient and drought-resistant yard will help conservation become a way of life.

Bees and birds love feeding on California native plants, which helps the environment and our planet, as well as our community.

Residents aren’t alone in this process. Our wide range of rebates and resources are available to make this change easier.

  • Our Landscape Rebate Program can help you transform your thirsty yard into a beautiful water-wise landscape and make your irrigation equipment more efficient.
  • Our FREE Water Wise Survey Program helps Santa Clara County residents evaluate how efficient their water use is both inside and outside their homes with two components:
    • A trained irrigation professional will evaluate your landscape irrigation system.
    • A DIY indoor survey kit complete with leak tests and a step-by-step guide so that residents can evaluate their water usage by themselves.

Learn more about our rebate programs and eligibility requirements at www.watersavings.org. Please note that application approval is required before starting any project.

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  1. Living here at The Villages, I have to wonder whether this philosophy on yards/grass will be instituted here. Maybe the “Purple Pipe System”is the answer?


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