Graywater direct install program helps disadvantaged communities reuse water

Disadvantaged communities in Santa Clara County now have an opportunity to keep their gardens thriving with water from their clothes washer. Made possible by a partnership with nonprofit Ecology Action, Valley Water is offering free or low-cost professional installation of a laundry-to-landscape graywater system (or “greywater” as recognized by many nonprofits). This new program is part of Valley Water’s ongoing commitment to ensuring our water supply meets future needs by helping residents continue conservation as a lifestyle.

To be eligible for a free or low-cost graywater system, residents must be any of the following: senior citizen (60+), a United States veteran, a person with disabilities or low-income. Please visit the website for a list of additional guidelines and to submit a request for more information:

Installations are only offered from March through November 2019 and are limited to the first 100 residents who qualify. For residents who are interested or may not meet the listed eligibility requirements, Valley Water has additional graywater resources, including our Graywater Rebate Program for laundry-to-landscape graywater systems. Visit our website for more information, or call our Conservation Hotline at 408-630-2554.

In addition to our Graywater Rebate Program, we have a variety of rebates and programs to support residents and business owners in making conservation a way of life. We’re happy to talk to you and help you save water! To learn more, visit:

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