That’s what s(he) said: purified water is good for all

Is advanced purified water the wave of the future? We think so. But don’t take our word for it.

Testimonials from community leaders are the focal point of Valley Water’s latest multi-lingual social marketing campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of advanced purified water as a new sustainable and reliable water supply that is good for our community and our environment too.

As the region’s wholesale water provider, Valley Water is committed to making smart investments in new and innovative technologies like water recycling to make sure our water supply meets future needs for Santa Clara County’s nearly 2 million residents and thriving Silicon Valley businesses and agricultural industries.

“If we can come up with innovations here that change the world in terms of technology, it totally makes sense that we are coming up with technology here to recycle water and reuse it,” said Suzanne St. John-Crane of the American Leadership Forum. “It’s a precious resource. We shouldn’t just use it once.”

Since opening the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center in 2014, Valley Water continues to demonstrate the use of state-of-the-art technologies, including microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultra-violet light disinfection that turn treated wastewater into advanced purified water that meets and exceeds California’s strict drinking water standards.

 “As the population increases [and] as climate change becomes a reality, this is the future,” said Chris Wilder of the Valley Medical Center Foundation.

Suzanne’s and Chris’ testimonials are part of a series of 15 video testimonials from community leaders from the healthcare industry; environmental, business and faith-based groups; nonprofits and even athletic figures. The community leaders learned about the advanced water purification center process and tasted the pure water for themselves.

“This water tastes delicious! I could drink this water every day,” said Michele Lew of The Health Trust. “I’m delighted this water is recycled because in this era of droughts we need to use water as many times as we can.”

This community leaders testimonial campaign is part of Valley Water’s robust public outreach efforts to educate the public about the benefits of advanced purified water and Valley Water’s future plans. Currently, the advanced purified water in our county is being blended with existing recycled water to enhance the quality of recycled water for irrigation and industrial uses. Through the Countywide Water Reuse Master Plan, Valley Water is evaluating options to expand the quantity of advanced purified water produced in the county and how it might also be used to augment our drinking water supplies in the near future.

 “We are so fortunate in Silicon Valley to have leadership and government working together to ensure that our water source remains pure, that it remains available for us, for our children, and really the well-being of the entire community,” said Dolores Alvarado of the Community Health Partnership.

Hear what each of the community leaders has to say about advanced purified water in the video testimonials here in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Carl Guardino of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is a self-proclaimed skeptic turned advocate. Will you be one too? Valley Water invites you to tour the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center to see it and taste it for yourself. Public tours are available twice a month and private group tours are available upon request. Sign up for a free tour today at

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  1. I visit US/Santa Clara area every two years. Having visited Santa Clara Advanced Water purification Center myself, I am sure the initiative of the administration is highly commendable and worthy of emulation worldwide. What may be imperative to every area/country years from now is being initiated in Santa Clara County now. Great.


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