Stevens Creek Trail is open again

Cyclists, joggers and walkers can now use the portion of the Stevens Creek Trail near El Camino Real that was washed away during the heavy storms of 2017. A temporary detour has been in place for nearly a year and now the repairs are permanent.

District 7 Director Gary Kremen is relieved that the project is completed. “It was amazing how much damage those storms caused,” he said. “We had to complete interim emergency repairs last year before the winter could do more damage. Then we followed up with a permanent fix last summer, which allowed the original trail alignment to be restored.”

In close coordination with the city of Mountain View, the water district completed the permanent repair of the bank in October 2018. The trail portion of the project, including paving, fencing and striping has now been completed, and the trail is now open for use.

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  1. A great deal of thank you to all those from the Water District that labored for many months in all the repairs of the Stevens Creek Trail during this year to bring it up to date for the public.


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