Progress on the Permanente Creek Flood Protection Project continues with notable construction of improved baseball fields at McKelvey Park. The new baseball field will double as a place to contain floodwaters when Pemanente Creek overflows. This construction is happening simultaneously with channel widening work along Permanente and Hale creeks which started this spring. Work on the streams is expected to be completed at the end of the year.

McKelvey Park is scheduled to be completed in spring 2019.  The community highlights for this portion of the project include new and improved baseball fields with terraced bleachers, a mini-park facility with playgrounds, concession and scorekeeper’s booth, storage, restrooms and a community room.

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By serving as a flood basin, the new ball fields will reduce flood risks for neighboring homes and businesses by catching overflow from Permanente Creek and reducing the amount of water flowing downstream. The detention area will be approximately 4.5 acres and 18 feet deep. Once the storm passes through and creek flows recede, captured water from the flood basin will be redirected into the creek. Flood flows would inundate the site very rarely and the detention area would drain out in one to four days.

The challenges with designing flood protection projects in urban areas are existing land limitations to widen, deepen or install high floodwalls at existing channels. A flood basin is another way to protect neighborhoods and businesses from flooding. The Permanente Creek Flood Protection Project will provide flood protection for approximately 2,200 properties in Mountain View and Los Altos.

Check out a brief construction update from project manager Lotina Nishijima.


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