break-out session at the first Trails Summit, 2018

First Trails Summit is a success

On Friday, June 29, the Santa Clara Valley Water District hosted the first Trails and Waterways Summit.

The brainchild of Santa Clara Valley Water District Board Chair Richard Santos and Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority Board Chair Mike Flaugher, the summit brought together almost 70 policymakers and advocates from more than two dozen agencies, nonprofits, and municipalities across Santa Clara County.

Attendees received information on the history of trail development along waterways and heard case studies on how to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities to advance trails along waterways.

Following the presentations, attendees broke out into small groups and engaged in moderated discussions to tackle common challenges, identify potential solutions, and develop commitments to address the challenges and implement solutions at their respective agencies and groups. Each small group then reported out to the larger group on their solutions and commitments.

The summit was a huge success, and the group agreed that it would be beneficial to host a second Trails and Waterways Summit in the future.

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  1. Not much info in this article. Did anything get resolved? Any concrete plans? Action items? The last sentence makes it sound like this was just a feel-good meeting where nothing got accomplished. It doesn’t even sound like there are any firm plans for further meetings. If any of this in incorrect, then please post details about what was actually decided and accomplished at this meeting.


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