Water Commission gives Pacheco Reservoir project highest public benefit score

The proposed expansion of Pacheco Reservoir, east of Gilroy, took a positive step forward on April 20, 2018. The California Water Commission staff released revised staff recommended Public Benefit Ratios (PBRs) in response to applicant appeals received in February. The staff responses to appeals can be found on the WSIP Project Review Portal. A summary chart can be viewed here.

The Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project’s public benefit score increased to 1.77. Santa Clara Valley Water District Director Gary Kremen issued the following statement:

With the California Water Commission’s staff release of a revised public benefit score of 1.77, the expansion of Pacheco Reservoir is clearly one of the most promising water supply projects in the state. When built, Pacheco will be the largest reservoir in Santa Clara County, providing a wide range of benefits to the Bay Area, the Delta and throughout the state.

While this is not the final determination, we are encouraged that our project, along with the Los Vaqueros Reservoir expansion project, has been given the highest public benefit score among all of the water storage projects vying for Proposition 1 funds.

An expanded Pacheco Reservoir will improve steelhead habitat, provide an emergency water supply, reduce flood risks to disadvantaged communities, expand groundwater recharge, and provide water to wildlife refuges.

Read about the Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project here.


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  1. We commend you on the revised/improved public benefit score of 1.77 for Pacheco Reservoir. This project will contribute significantly to the stability of the county’s water supply. But, please do NOT reverse your position on the proposed twin water tunnel diversion being promoted by Governor Brown. One tunnel is sufficient and will have less impact on the delta. Please pay particular attention to the lack of responsibility in Southern California with regard to water conservation.


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