Water on wheels: H2O to go makes debut

Runners at the Morgan Hill Wildflower Run last month had a refreshing surprise at the finish line: a nice, cold drink courtesy of the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s new water truck.

Standing 11 feet tall, the water dispenser-on-wheels holds approximately 500 gallons of chilled tap water; about enough to fill 8,000 servings in 8-ounce cups. Under a roll-out canopy on each side, residents can fill up at any of the vehicle’s 14 dispensers, seven on each side. The cold, refreshing water is from the district’s water treatment plants, which supply Santa Clara County with clean, safe and high-quality water. Water from our treatment plants consistently meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations, which continually grow more stringent. Drinking tap water also helps to protect the environment. With enough water to replace almost 4,000 water bottles, the water truck can save the earth from 105 pounds of plastic waste

The water district board of directors directed staff to purchase a water truck in April of 2016 as a way to educate the community about our tap water quality, but also as a means of supplying water in the event of an emergency.

The water truck (dubbed H2O To Go) is already proving to be popular at community events, and is booked for a series of community races and festivals this spring and summer. The district board of directors is thrilled to share this new community resource and engage residents in learning about our region’s water supply. Director John Varela congratulated and greeted both runners and supporters at the Morgan Hill Wildflower Run in March. On Easter weekend, Vice Chair Linda LeZotte greeted residents at the Bunnies and Bonnets parade in Campbell.

The next stop for the H2O To Go truck is the Great Race for Saving Water in Palo Alto on Saturday, April 14. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for a taste!

For a list of district community events check out our calendar.


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  1. You should fill the truck with the water from your new Recycled Water Facility or at least give people the option of trying it. It has to be part of our future.


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