First Lego League Team, Krazy Argo Kids, hosts contest to save H2O

By Melissa Renteria 

Three Bay Area fifth-graders have been on a one-of-a-kind mission to help save H2O. First Lego League team, the “Krazy Argo Kids,” Niraali Garg, Timothy Leung, and Meha Sekaran, felt that youth don’t really understand how important it is to conserve water. They set forth to create an easy, fun way to encourage youth to become interested and engaged in learning about conservation, and the birth of “SaveH2O” began!

The trio has produced a unique rendition of the song “Y.M.C.A.” The result — a catchy tune that has received more than 500 views on YouTube. “SaveH2O” educates children and adults about saving water. Give it a listen as you check out their YouTube video.

The group has researched and prepared for the initial First Lego League contest by attending a tour of Santa Clara Valley Water District’s facilities to learn about our county water supply. As an ongoing effort to spread awareness and improve their project, the trio has also been in contact with the water district’s education outreach team to seek assistance and feedback on water resources.

Furthermore, the Krazy Argo Kids have successfully advanced through the first round of the First Lego League competition and are now preparing to compete in the Northern California First Lego League Innovation Expo in March. As part of a project for the Innovation Expo, the Krazy Argo Kids are hosting their very own contest, “Save H2O.” Their idea is to motivate people everywhere to think of creative ways to save water and three lucky winners will receive a cash prize ranging from $25-$100! The contest deadline is Saturday, March 4. To enter the contest with your own ideas of ways to save water visit .

The Santa Clara Valley Water District wishes good luck to all the First Lego League teams entering the Innovation Expo. We look forward to hearing the results of which teams are nominated to represent our region for the First Lego League Global Innovation Award in June.

Learn more about the team’s project here, or by visiting their Facebook page.

From left to right: Niraali Garg, Timothy Leung, and Meha Sekaran

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