Project to improve groundwater refilling breaks ground in Morgan Hill

An exciting new project is under way in Morgan Hill that will help ensure a reliable water supply for South County residents, no matter what extreme weather the changing climate brings.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has started work on the Main Avenue and Madrone Pipeline Restoration Project to install approximately 2.7 miles of raw water pipeline to meet current and future groundwater recharge demands in South Santa Clara County. Raw water is water from local sources like Anderson Reservoir, or imported sources like the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, that has not been filtered or disinfected.

Installing the new pipeline system and related facilities will help ensure a safe, reliable water supply for South County residents. The completed project will enable water from Anderson Reservoir to flow to both the Main Avenue Ponds and the Madrone Channel, where it will percolate into the groundwater aquifer.

Currently, these ponds are refilled with imported water delivered from the San Luis Reservoir. The existing portion of pipeline that previously carried water from Anderson to the ponds and channel was originally built in 1955. However in recent years, it has been inoperable due to root intrusion and corrosion. This project will restore this infrastructure that is critical to ensure our water supply meets future needs. Construction work began this month and is expected to last until July 2019.

The project will be constructed in three phases to minimize impacts to existing groundwater refilling operations and lessen impacts to the community. Details regarding construction related schedule and traffic impacts will be mailed periodically throughout the  project. To sign-up to receive these notices, click here.

Construction of phase 1, shown in purple on the map below, began this month. Phase 2, shown in yellow, is expected to begin in late June. Phase 3, shown in orange, is expected to begin in early November. As we complete each phase and prepare to enter the next, we will send a project reminder to neighbors and interested parties with details and other critical information.

Morgan Hill residents get 100 percent of their drinking water from local groundwater sources. This project will benefit South County residents by restoring existing infrastructure to refill the Llagas groundwater basin, spanning across Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy.

Main Ave_Madrone Pipeline Restoration Project_Phase map.jpg

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