Kicking off the new year with a new look

The district’s home on the world wide web,, is about to join the online mobile environment.

For the past year, a Santa Clara Valley Water District team has been working with a leading government web developer to completely modernize to a clean, mobile-friendly water district website with improved search, content management and cloud-hosted security.

Look for the all new on Feb. 1, 2018.

The new site was designed and developed using extensive research on web visitor analytics, an internal stakeholder in-depth interview process and usability testing.

The challenge was to take all that data and input and develop a site that:

  1. Aesthetically looks modern and inviting, but
  2. Is functional (do site visitors understand how to find the information they need?)
  3. Is easy to maintain, both for content users and IT on the backend,
  4. And then get it all to also work well on mobile.

A new website is understandably a big change. It will look entirely different than you are used to, and the navigation categories of topics have been updated to reflect community and site visitor ways of finding information.

It’s been a huge effort, but the district is confident the new site will be a more effective tool for our community and stakeholders to find the information they need, and brings the district’s online web home into the modern, mobile communications era.


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