Repair work on South Bay Aqueduct temporarily shuts down treatment plants

On Dec. 22, a leak was detected along the South Bay Aqueduct in the city of Fremont. To inspect and repair the leak, the state Department of Water Resources shut down the South Bay Aqueduct. As a result, the Santa Clara Valley Water District has temporarily taken the Rinconada and Penitencia water treatment plants out of service, since the aqueduct closure prevents raw (untreated) water delivery to the plants. Water service to homes and businesses has not been interrupted as water retailers have switched water sources to serve their corresponding areas.

Earlier this week crews identified leak sites and made repairs. When the pipeline was filled with water, a continued leak revealed additional work was necessary.  As of Friday, Dec. 29, Department of Water Resources crews were wrapping up at the site. After the repair work is completed, crews will be monitoring and inspecting the system to ensure there are no additional problems. After a period of observation and if no leaks are detected, the Department of Water Resources will gradually increase water delivery through the aqueduct. The water district is planning is to resume normal operations at the treatment plants over the weekend.

The South Bay Aqueduct is a state-owned delivery system that transports water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta through over 40 miles of canals and pipelines to both Santa Clara and Alameda counties.

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