Water district named family-friendly workplace

District wins gold for third year in a row

On November 13, the water district was one of 16 employers in Santa Clara County that received a Family-Friendly Workplace Award from the Commission on the Status of Women and the Office of Women’s Policy of Santa Clara County.

This is the third consecutive year that the gold level category was awarded to the district.

Richard P. Santos, Vice Chair of the district’s board of directors, accepted the award for the water district. “We are proud to receive this recognition,” he said. “The district has a commendable history of supporting its employees to ensure there is a healthy work-life balance.”

The award recognizes the district’s outstanding efforts to create a workplace that supports the needs of working families and employees and specifically for its policies related to work-life balance, pregnancy and lactation accommodations, and parental leave.

The board’s support of family-friendly and work-life balance policies, as well as its award-winning Wellness Program, has resulted in a healthy, supportive environment that enables the district to attract and retain the most qualified employees to serve our community.

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