Board directors decide on WaterFix

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, the Santa Clara Valley Water District voted to participate in the California WaterFix project, the state’s proposed plan to improve the infrastructure that carries water through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The participation is conditional, based on seven guiding principles listed below. The water district will now work with the state and water agency partners in support of a lower-cost, scaled-down, and staged project that meets the needs of Silicon Valley.

As much as 40 percent of the water Santa Clara County uses each year comes through the Delta. But the Delta’s aging network of earthen levees faces risks from rising seas, earthquakes and flooding, while the declining conditions for fish and wildlife have led regulators to put more restrictions on when water can move through the Delta.

“Conditions in the Delta threaten our future water supply,” said Board Chair John L. Varela. “Today, in a 7 to 0 vote, the Board of Directors took action to help our area continue to thrive by protecting Santa Clara Valley’s water supply. I commend my fellow board members for having the courage to stand up for what’s right for the people and businesses of Santa Clara County.”

Over the last several years, the board has held dozens of workshops and presentations on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and California WaterFix projects to hear updates and consider diverse perspectives. The importance of input is even ensconced in one of the principles the board adopted Tuesday to guide the water district’s participation in the project. The principles are:

  1. Santa Clara County needs are the primary drivers in all our decisions involving the WaterFix project.
  2. We will not allow Silicon Valley values and priorities to be placed at a disadvantage relative to Central Valley Agriculture or Southern California.
  3. We are advocating for a flexible approach that addresses Silicon Valley stakeholder and community input.
  4. As water is a human right, we must make investments to make sure our water supply meets future needs at a cost affordable by everyone.
  5. Equity and costs are important.
  6. Any final arrangement must provide flexibility to acquire supplemental water by taking advantage of future wet years to ensure residents have a reliable water supply, no matter what extreme weather the changing climate brings.
  7. Keep negotiating for the best deal for Santa Clara County.

Video of the discussion and the board’s action are available online.

The agenda, which includes links to supporting documents, including the guiding principles, is available online as well.

To learn more about the California WaterFix, visit our website.



  1. This is the biggest waste of money and puts the taxpayers at a huge disadvantage. NO vote is required of us to pay for this ridiculous pipe dream of the Governor, southern CA water agencies and big money farm interests.

    The Delta should be restored and money put in to that, not this. This size of the pipes involved will reverse the flow of fresh water into the delta and further erode the levies and increase the rate of salt water intrusion.

    All board members who voted for this project will have my full financial support for their opponent in the next election and I will work in any capacity to unseat all involved.


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