District and San Jose Giants encourage you to take the VOW to value our water!

What are you doing to value our water?

On July 20, the Santa Clara Valley Water District launched its water conservation outreach promotion at the San Jose Giants Stadium. During all home games through the end of August, the San Jose Giants will support our outreach efforts with an in-game promotion activity.

At each game, San Jose Giants stadium is broadcasting an announcement encouraging continued water conservation and sharing information about district programs. One lucky person will be selected from the audience to share what they are doing to conserve water and participate in our in-game promotion, a Water Conservation Bucket Toss game. Each game participant receives a water-saving prize! Next time you’re at a San Jose Giants game be sure keep an eye out for our logo and an ear open for water-saving tips.

In 2016, we made the call for a 20 percent water use reduction and received an overwhelming response from the community to meet our target. Saving water is easy! If we just keep practicing the good water saving habits learned during the drought, we’ll stay on target and preserve our water supply for the foreseeable future. It’s simple things like being mindful of our water use and not letting water unnecessarily run down the drain and using water more efficiently outdoors. Together we can make a difference!

Please let us know what you’ll be doing to make water conservation a way of life in your home or business by leaving your comment in the “Reply” box below.

Take the VOW to value our water and make water conservation a permanent way of life!

Need water saving ideas? Visit watersavings.org

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