Calling landscape professionals: Green Gardener certification classes

Starting mid-September, landscape professionals can participate in a 10-week course on the industry’s latest green gardening practices. Classes are available to anyone who works for or owns a landscape maintenance business.

Participants will learn to protect our environment by conserving water, protecting soil, reducing waste and maintaining healthy gardens. The course will cover a variety of topics including healthy pruning, seasonal watering needs, alternative approaches to pest management, protecting air quality with low-emission equipment, installing water efficient irrigation systems, composting plant debris and more!

Course graduates will receive a Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Card and be listed as a certified Green Gardener. The training will be offered in English beginning on Sept. 13 and in Spanish beginning Sept. 14.

To learn more about the program and to register, visit the Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener website.

This training is provided by the the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program, an association of 15 government agencies, including the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Together, these agencies work toward raising awareness about protecting watersheds and preventing storm water pollution.




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