Litter inspires art

We are honored to host an exhibition of an art installation by Michele Guieu, visual artist, called “Coastal Clean Up” (pictured above). All of the materials–from plastic bottles, to candy wrappers, tennis balls, shoes and toys–were all found around San Francisco Bay.

You can view the exhibit at the Santa Clara Valley Water District headquarters building at 5700 Almaden Expressway in San Jose, until June 2017, during regular office hours.

With this reminder that our waterways continue to accumulate tons of litter every year, we invite you to participate in the solution to pollution during this year’s National River Clean Up Day on May 20 from 9 a.m. to noon. You can sign up to help clean one of 45 creek and river sites all around Santa Clara County. Check out the new online map to see information on cleanup sites and register to help out!

The second graders at Rosemary Elementary School in Campbell also urge you to volunteer. With guidance from Guieu, the children created all of the posters shown in the gallery below.


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Using design thinking concepts, students worked individually to create a unique digital poster about National River Cleanup Day 2017, using an iPad and the app Pic Collage.

Why is it important to teach this?

Santa Clara Valley waterways flow into the San Francisco and Monterey bays, taking all the pollutants, debris and trash accumulated upstream with them. This poses a great threat to vegetation, wildlife and humans. In addition, more than five decades of growing urbanization means more runoff — bringing with it even more trash and debris — into local storm drains, many of which empty into our creeks and eventually into the bay. We can minimize the impact urbanization is making on waterways and keep them from becoming overwhelmed by pollution.



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