Volunteer opportunities and assistance for flood victims

Our hearts go out to those impacted by the recent flooding. We want the entire community–and everyone impacted–to know that we will do everything in our power to work with government at the federal and state levels, as well as the City of San Jose, to determine what improvements can be made to reduce the risk of the type of flooding experienced by our community and residents.

Additionally we would like to encourage our community members to keep mind those recovering from the flood impacts, and to assist in any capacity those who are less fortunate and could use the help right now.

Volunteers continue to have a vital role in helping the flood-impacted areas and residents recover.  There are several agencies assisting the flood relief efforts are seeking donations to help those affected by the flood.

Some opportunities are listed below.


  • Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County is assisting with several resources. For more information on donating items, or volunteering click here.

  • Do you have a vacant apartment that a flood survivor can live in? The City of San José has launched www.scchousingsearch.org. This website is a free housing service for tenants displaced by the flood.
  • Home First is seeking donations for specific items see list below. For questions please contact rtravers@homefirstscc.org or dbingham@homefirstscc.org.
    • Volunteers to provide and serve meals throughout the week
    • Men’s & Women’s Underwear (small & medium sizes)
    • New Flip Flops (adults & kids for showers)
    • Boy’s School Uniforms (please contact us first)
    • New Blankets, Pillows, Toiletries, and Laundry Pods (hypoallergenic)
    • Women’s Ankle Socks
  • If you have a functioning car that you no longer need, please consider donating your used vehicle to Goodwill of Silicon Valley, who will help deliver it in safe working condition to a family in need. Visit Goodwill’s website or Facebook page or call (408) 869-9101.

Service Opportunities: 

  • Opportunities include debris removal, general cleanup, park cleanups, on-the-spot interpreting in Vietnamese and Spanish, serving meals at the Seven Trees Shelter, and more. Details on opportunities and online registration to volunteer: helpindisaster.com/sanjose/.

  • Sacred Heart Community Services is also assisting affected residents with a variety of services. For more information on volunteer opportunities, email: volunteers@sacredheartcs.org.

  • Home First has been assisting flood victims by providing meals at the Seven Trees Community Center shelter. They are seeking assistance with serving meals and clean up. For more details, visit: https://www.homefirstscc.org/#home. 

For more information on recovery assistance and updates related to the Coyote Creek flooding, visit the City of San  Jose’s updates page.

If you are aware of other  flood assistance opportunities and would like to share, please leave information in comments section below.

Photo courtesy of FEMA. 

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  1. My wife and I along with our 2 daughters would like to fly to Houston to help out in anyway we can. We can leave Florida Thursday or Friday. If we can help please let me know what we can do and where we might be most needed to help for a few days
    Thank you


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