Water district talks business

The Santa Clara Valley Water District headquarters boardroom was standing room only during the Aug. 31 Business Open House. The open house turned into a full house.

Vendors, contractors, consultants and small and local business owners dropped by to chat with water district project managers and staff about available business opportunities for fiscal years 2017 and 2018. Staff from various district operations and administrative units presented program and project details to convey business needs.

The water district is committed to supporting the local economy as well as small and local businesses by providing opportunities and creating jobs. Every few years, the water district hosts a business open house which allows members of the business community to formally meet and engage with managers and staff. The open house is also an opportunity for business firms to network with each other. Often during large projects which require large contracts, a contractor may include subcontractors.

Upcoming business opportunities for fiscal years 2017-2018 include consultant and construction services for the Expedited Purified Water Program and capital projects, such as dam seismic retrofit projects.

As a public agency, the water district is bound to strict bidding and contract awarding policies.Through a series of fair, open and transparent practices, the water district ensures a competitive process that also actively promotes small and local business enterprises through a small and local business outreach program.

If you are a contractor, consultant or vendor interested in doing business with the water district, download this guide.  For more information on doing business with the district click here.


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